Schneider Electric uses Oracle Cloud for collecting and analyzing sell-out data


Thanks to Oracle Analytics Cloud 90% of data gets collected and processed automatically.

Schneider Electric is a world leader in providing digital solutions in the field of energy management and industrial automation for efficiency and sustainability. Its Russian branch has moved the gathering, consolidation and analysis distributors sales and stock to Oracle Cloud. The use of Oracle Analytics Cloud analytics tools has significantly improved the speed of data analysis and quality of decision making.

Schneider Electric Russia needed a state-of-the-art, comprehensive solution to collect sales data from several dozen distributors and business analysis of the resulting information. Before the project launch, the data were requested from partners in an Excel format of a given type and then processed manually. This process was extremely time-consuming and contained a large number of inaccuracies.

The choice of Oracle Cloud platform and infrastructure services made it possible to implement an optimal enterprise-class architecture at a low total cost of ownership. Data integration is performed using Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition, Oracle Database Cloud Service — High Performance Package and Oracle Analytics Cloud — Enterprise using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for high-performance storage and analytics.

As a result of the project implementation, over 90% of all data is now collected and processed automatically. This has drastically reduced the number of data collection errors, eliminated the time-consuming process of manual data consolidation and improved the timeliness and accuracy, which has contributed to more informed managerial decisions.

A single data warehouse consolidates distributor and customer information, sell-outs, and warehouse classification. Authorized Schneider Electric employees can view the slices of information they need through pre-configured dashboards and reports. In self-service mode, users can easily generate customized reports and perform advanced data analysis.

«Distributor’s sell-out analytics based on Oracle Cloud services allows us to identify market trends and respond more quickly to partner and customer needs. Data files from distributors are consolidated in a single data warehouse. As a result, we get digital models to best meet our customers’ needs. The choice of Oracle cloud has fully justified itself,» says Alexey Kashayev, Vice President, Electricity Distribution Market, Schneider Electric CIS.

«Analytics is the most promising and in-demand area. Those companies that make decisions based on data get a significant growth acceleration. And we are glad to offer the Russian branch of Schneider Electric the industry’s best AI-based analytical tools for data preparation, data visualization, corporate reporting, and advanced data analysis in self-service mode. It is gratifying to note that the Russian branches of the world’s leading companies are setting the tone for mastering the most breakthrough technologies. We are confident that our Oracle Analytics Cloud services will contribute to a better understanding of the market and thereby help the company achieve its ambitious goal of ensuring sustainable development both for itself and its customers», says Natalia Korhonen, Vice President of Business Development for Central, Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS.

The project partner is DBI — a system integrator, which has Oracle Gold Partner status. The main part of the project was implemented within three months thanks to the integrator’s high expertise in Oracle technologies. The partner’s experts have performed the whole set of works on the rollout and now keep providing further maintenance and development of the project within which it is planned to connect new distributors to the system, add external data sources, expand the reporting system and carry out integration with other client’s departments. On the basis of this project, DBI is developing a replicable solution.

About Oracle Analytics Cloud

Designed for use in the cloud, the unified Oracle Analytics Cloud platform is the centrepiece of Oracle Analytics. Oracle Analytics Cloud provides business users with managed analytics tools for data preparation, visualization, advanced analysis and natural language text processing in self-service mode. The managed Oracle Analytics Cloud service enables Oracle Analytics users in companies around the world to gain valuable insights and optimize business results faster.

About Schneider Electric

At Schneider Electric, we believe that access to energy and the digital environment is everyone’s right. We give everyone the opportunity to achieve more with fewer resources through our Life Is On concept.

We provide digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. We integrate the world’s best technologies in power management, real-time automation, software and services into solutions for civil and residential buildings, data centres, infrastructure and industry.

We help unlock the boundless possibilities of an open, global, innovative community that shares our aspiration to improve the quality of life and upholds the values of diversity, equal opportunity and self-actualization.

About DBI

DBI, an international IT company with many years of experience, specializes in the implementation, customization and remote support of databases, applications and operating systems of the world’s leading vendors, as well as custom development services. During this time, the company has earned the appreciation and trust of clients from various industries: manufacturing, telecommunications, public administration, healthcare, finance, retail, logistics and transportation.

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